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Enhance the environment and our community while saving money!

Audubon PA works closely with Newtown Township EAC to provide residents with information on ways to create healthier, more sustainable and cost-effective landscapes.



Newtown Bird Town creates a sustainable community by implementing sound bird and wildlife habitat, as well as energy and water conservation practices in our landscapes.

By reducing runoff, mowing regimes, chemical treatments, and solid waste, our municipality can save on expenditures over time. 


1. Procure annual fee

2. Get a school property registered

3. Get 1% new residential properties registered

4. Get another demonstration garden in. 

4. Add another registered township park.


With your help, we can increase our efforts to work with township officials and residents to create a healthier environment for people, businesses, and wildlife.  

In The News

Audubon PA to Hold Backyard Training Program for Residents - March 9, 2012

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